APRIL 2016

ALEXANDER – A Christ-follower and Christian Leader

As Alexander shares about his ministry one cannot help but think of Peter and John in Acts 4:18-20 when they have been charged neither to speak nor teach about Jesus. Acts 4: 20 tells us that they responded, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge, for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” And Alexander does speak!

Alexander is a TCM graduate from a part of Central Asia where Islam is the predominant religion. For his safety as a Christ follower and for the safety of his church neither his last name nor his country can be disclosed. Even though Christians are regarded as members of a sect, the church in his country continues to grow and new leaders are being raised up and trained.

As the director of a Bible institute where he also teaches discipleship courses, Alexander feels a deep sense of satisfaction as he helps prepare and equip others. He works within a team that meets regularly to discuss new ideas and projects.

As a church elder and preacher he is involved in leadership of a newly-organized congregation as well as leadership in the “mother” church. In addition to preaching and serving as an elder he leads the ministry of in-home small groups.

Alexander says he has grown spiritually and academically through his studies at TCM. Courses such as Hermeneutics, Jesus and the Twelve, and Paul and the Early Church have had a special impact on him and the way in which he now serves in his own ministry. In addition to the course work, other students have provided enrichment through the examples of their ministries and their dedication.

Despite being believers in a country where Christianity is not welcome, Alexander and his team continue to speak and teach about what they have seen and heard.

Cow Barn Update 

Beds—lots of beds! Over the past few weeks the staff at Haus Edelweiss has purchased and assembled beds for the new apartments in the Cow Barn. THANK YOU STAFF! The apartments are not yet fully furnished but in a preview of things to come some of the single-night guests at graduation will be assigned sleeping quarters there. The completion of the renovation project is in sight!