Jozsef Steiner working with Refugees.jpg

TCM Hungary Initiative

A paragraph of text here talking about the back story of the Hungary Initiative

A paragraph (and picture) about Jozsef his specific ministry in Hungary.  


A paragraph about Len and Sue and why they love TCM.  (Picture below of them both at the Haus)

A formal and longer ask for people to participate drawing Jozsef's story into the greater TCM story to help raise up more leaders of disciple-making movements in Hungary!

Current Funding

$20,333 Raised as of August 17, 2018

An update on how far they are in the funding process. (attached to pie chart to the left. 

Instructions on how to give. 

A short thank you paragraph and signature of Len and sue. 

A short, yet hard ask to participate

Slideshow of pictures of Jozsef, his ministry, and other pictures from Hungary.