When you see the face of the people who are daily experiencing adversity for Christ, service takes on a whole new meaning. Serving these soldiers for Christ at Haus Edelweiss was one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of my life. I am so thankful I got to be a part of something that affects Christianity around the world.
— Kara

TCM has an ongoing need for short-term workers at Haus Edelweiss, our base near Vienna, Austria.

We need approximately 200 short-term workers per year to serve Christian leaders who come for training.  Jobs vary from house-and-grounds projects (mowing lawns, etc.) to food preparation and serving, setting tables, dusting, sweeping, changing bed linens, doing laundry, etc.  A short-term worker MUST have a servant's heart to help the Haus Edelweiss staff give our guests the education and ministry they need. 

Each short-term work trip to Haus Edelweiss is 13 days, including travel time.  Short-term workers work 12 hours each day but with adequate breaks to rest.  You will rise up early and go to bed tired.  There are also many stairs to climb in the course of a day's work, so the worker must have good physical strength and stamina.  

As a short-term worker you, alongside our full-time and long-term staff, serve the European and Central Asian Christians who come to study at TCM.  The staff realizes you may have certain gifts or talents that you regularly use at home.  It is best to come with the attitude of our Lord in Mark 10:45 who "did not come to be served, but to serve.”   

The TCM staff will orient and supervise workers during their time of service.  They coordinate and help to direct the Institute sessions and workers like you over most of the year.  If you have any questions or concerns about your time of service, please ask.  One staff member will be in charge and available for orientation and questions for each area (kitchen, grounds, maintenance, housekeeping).


For more information about serving as a Short-term Worker, contact Robin Beaumont.
(317) 299-0333

Each short-term worker is expected to provide his/her own airfare to and from Vienna. Specific dates for arrival and departure will be given to each worker when he or she is scheduled to serve.  TCM provides lodging and meals during the worker's stay.  Costs for dining out and traveling for pleasure are to be paid by the worker.  You will be staying in a clean, comfortable room similar to college dormitory housing.  You will be assigned a room as soon as you arrive.  Each room has indoor plumbing, hot water, etc., and is very comfortable.  Each married couple is assigned to their own room.  If you are traveling alone, you may be assigned a roommate.  The Haus is physically isolated in a small valley near Vienna.  It is not close to shopping areas or other tourist attractions.  The area is rural.  So in the evenings after the dinner cleanup, there is opportunity for prayer, personal Bible study, reading, walks on the trails in the Vienna Woods, board games, outdoor games (e.g., ping pong, basketball, volleyball), and swimming.  

Many rewards accompany serving with TCM as a short-term worker.  Serving other Christians is a rich experience.  You will be part of a work which is poised to help reshape the future of Europe, Central Asia, and beyond.  The people you serve must overcome many obstacles when they go back to their homes to build God's Kingdom.  They will continue to change their countries with the gospel.  The people with whom we work trust and love us as much as we trust and love them.  We have a great responsibility to them.  What an incredible opportunity you will have to serve and be a part of building His Kingdom!  Many STWs return to America saying, "That experience has changed my life."  


Cultural Sensitivity


TCM serves people from many language groups, cultures, traditions, and ethnic backgrounds.  They have many different norms, communication patterns, and unwritten expectations.  In such an intercultural setting, it is quite easy to make comments, commitments, or promises that can cause problems and misunderstandings.  For example, a friendly American hug is not always welcomed or proper.  Jewelry and makeup do not always convey the same image as in America.  The Haus Edelweiss staff will help you become aware of many of the differences among cultures during orientation meetings.  In general, it is important to remember that you are meeting different cultures and need to monitor what you say and do.  Err on the side of conservatism during all interactions.