We are dedicated to Taking Christ to Millions. 
And we have found that the most effective way to do this is by Training Christians for Ministry.



TCM comes alongside Christians who are leading in their own countries and have a passion for reaching their people for Christ.  Through our institute we can develop a Christian leader for a fraction of the cost it would take to send a U.S. missionary to that same country.  Since these individuals already know the cultures and languages, they are able to have successful ministries and are equipped for a lifetime of service. 

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We are educating Christian leaders from more than 40 countries through our accredited graduate institute.  Courses are offered in a flexible format so that students can stay fully involved in their local ministries.  80% of each class is delivered online and another 20% is finished face-to-face with in-depth discussion, mentoring, and application of the online portion.


Where We Work


Haus Edelweiss

Once used for TCM's benevolence ministry working within the Soviet Union, Haus Edelweiss is now our main teaching facility in Vienna, Austria.

Mentoring Centers

Many students are unable to travel to our main campus in Austria because of family situations, lack of finances, or political issues.  So TCM has strategically utilized online services and created numerous mentoring centers in over a dozen countries to provide the students with easier access to the training.  Currently over 50% of our classes are finished face-to-face at these centers, making our ministry training more cost- effective for the organization and more convenient for our students.