3D Church in Estonia

Jakob is a chuch planter in his home country of Estonia where he leads the first multi-site church in his nation.  Even though Estonia is a very secular nation, Jakob is a 5th generation pastor and 3rd generation TCM student. Check out this video of his annual church gathering.

Igor's Story - Moldova

Hear the compelling story of how Igor comes to know Christ and dedicates his life to spreading the gospel to others in his country. 

Hear from our partners

Why support TCM?  Hear from various pastors, volunteers, and professors about why they love being involved in this ministry. 


2016 Commissioning Ceremony

Each year, TCM commissions its graduating students to continuing impacting their churches, cultures, and countries of Christ.  

The Great Commission Experience

A special course on discipleship for juniors and seniors in high school from the United States.  Culminating with a 10-day trip to Europe with TCM, these students get to discover, explore, and experience where they fit in Christ's Great Commission.  

Pavel's Story - Czech Republic

From his first encounter with TCM in the 80s, to being a part of the first TCM graduating class in 1995, to serving as a TCM regional representative and adjunct professor today, Pavel's life is a testimony to the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Mark Moore (professor's perspective)

Hear from one of our adjunct professors about why he sees value in volunteering his time to help train Christian leaders in Europe and Central Asia for TCM. 

More on Moldova

The Lord works in many ways.  Learn about Anatol's ministry as he outreaches to thousands of Moldovan youth each year. 


The TCM Strategy

A quick video explaining the "why" and the "how" behind TCM's strategy. 

TCM History

An overview of TCM's rich 60-plus-year history.

The Short-Term Worker Experience

Would you like to volunteer for TCM?  Learn a bit about what to expect when traveling to Haus Edelweiss as a short-term worker.



February 2019

TCM's theme for 2019 is EXPLORE. Watch the newest TCM Prayer Channel video to learn how best to pray for this ministry in its season of exploration.

July 2017

9.4 million people. 1.32% evangelical. Join us in praying for our TCM students and graduates working in the country of Belarus.

February 2017

During the month of February, 2017, we are looking back at the history of TCM and praising God for his faithfulness. Vanita shares some impactful stories with us about the early days of TCM. These stories will inspire you and encourage you to continue praying for TCM throughout 2017.

April 2017

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, TCM has focused on developing Christian leaders for significant service through higher learning. Hear from Tony Twist on how God led TCM through this transition and how we can best pray for TCM in the future.