Last year, TCM launched the annual Great Commission Experience with a goal to have a long-term impact on the next generation of Christian leaders.  One of the ways we do this is by selecting the top-tier student leaders from TCM partner churches, and provide them with an opportunity to experience the Great Commission in a practical way.  Through a variety of on-line activities, followed by a 10-day trip to Europe with TCM, the students are able to serve, study, and work alongside church groups in Europe with TCM.  It is a wholistic experience where every student will be able to discover, explore, and experience what it means to respond to the Great Commission. 

Give a Gift 

Your gift will be used through the Great Commission Experience Endowment to help equip TCM disciple makers involved with the Great Commission Experience, financially assist trip participants, and help expand the program in years to come.  You can use the online giving module below, or mail a check to TCM, PO Box 24560, Indianapolis, IN 46224. Write “GX Endowment” in the memo line. 

Say a Prayer 

We ask that you prayerfully seek the Lord’s guidance and blessing on behalf of these students as they begin their pre-trip assignments.  During the trip to Europe with TCM, you will receive short email updates so you can stay updated on how best to pray. mail Tom Sears and let him know how many students you would like to write.  He will send you instructions including the names of the students needing letters. -

Write a Letter 

Each student will be given letters to open from you and other supporters each day on the trip.  Through these letters, you have the opportunity to encourage, support, and influence the students in all six areas shown above. Please email Tom Sears and let him know you would like to be a prayer partner.  You will receive email updates throughout the experience so that you can best know how to pray.                    -

For any questions, please contact Tom Sears 317-777-5950