Through our partnership with Financial Planning ministries, TCM is able to host a Financial Planning Seminar at your church and help the members of your congregation create a Living Trust for free! 

How it Works

During the 70 minute seminar, a financial planning representative will explain the importance of setting up a Living Trust can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding probate, keep your assets confidential from the public after death, and guide you in channeling the resources that would be going to the government to your local church and to TCM.  

After the seminar, that same representative will come back  a few weeks later and meet with each family individually and set up a living trust completely for FREE so that they can prepare a future for their earthly family, as well as leave a legacy to the ministries they love.

What is a Living Will and Trust?


A Living Trust can keep your estate from going through the high costs and delays of probate, and unlike a will that becomes public after your passing, a Living Trust offers total confidentiality and complete control over your assets.

Upon your passing, whomever you named at the time you established your Trust would immediately take control over your assets and distribute them according to your directions. There are no required waiting periods. You can name a legal "Guardian" in your Trust to care for your minor children at the time of your passing. You can also name a "Conservator" for yourself, should you at any time become disabled.

Assets are easily placed in the Trust by changing the title on your stocks, real estate, bank accounts, etc. The property will now be titled in the name of your Living Trust, with yourself named as the Trustee. It is still your property and you may continue to enjoy it or sell it as you choose, as you are the owner of your assets, and Trustee of your Living Trust. And, a Revocable Living Trust may be revoked or amended by you at any time in your lifetime.

Church unable to host? 

If you church is unable to host a seminar, we would still love to help you set up a living will and trust by connecting you with one of our other seminars held across the country.   



Further questions?

If you have any further questions or if you want to set up a seminar, please contact me any time via the info box on the right or by giving me a call 317-299-0333



Who is FInancial Planning Ministry?

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