for clothing donations to TCM clothing ministry

a.  Currently in style

b.  No old fashion heavy double knits (like those worn in the sixties and early seventies)

c.  No holes no matter how small (this includes garment linings)

d.  No stains no matter how small - especially check around collars, cuffs, and down fronts of garments

e.  All buttons in place

 f.  Zippers must work

g.  No inappropriate messages; bare midriff items; bikini bathing suits; or questionable clothing that others might not think right for Christians to wear. Also, we do not send anything with messages we can not read.

h.  Shoes should be cleaned of all dirt, not badly worn or run over. If you choose to send shoes that need polishing, please send polish to go with them. (Tennis shoes & low heels are preferred)

 i.  No items with a lot of wear or that have the colors washed out by repeated laundering

 j.  Remember this is a used clothing ministry. If you have new items that you wish to donate, please wash them before sending. We do send purses but they need to be very large ones that can also function to carry small purchases, including daily groceries. The large shoulder bags do very well.

k.  Please remove price tags, especially from yard sales. Many items have been damaged by these when left in place.

l.  We also do not send Santa Clause items - they are not appropriate for their Christmas observances.

m.  Please do not include bedding & other household items.


For more information, call 812-587-5573 (church) or Janet Bush at 765-525-4225.

Our shipping address is 2854 W Pope Street (or PO Box 36), Flat Rock, IN 47234.

“How can you help?”


1.      By praying that those reached by these clothes will receive Christ as their Savior.

2.      By sending funds to TCM to help pay for the shipping.

3.      By coming to Flat Rock, Indiana to help us sort and pack clothes.

4.      By sending good used clothing. (If you are donating new items, please wash before sending).

5.      By not sending us:

          a. items with stains, broken zippers, or missing buttons.

          b. anything that isn’t wearable – either household items such as bedding, toys, books or clothing that’s inappropriate for Christian wear.

If you have any questions, please check with your local organizer OR call Janet Bush, 765-525-4225 or the Flat Rock Christian Church office, 812-587-5573.