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In the month of September,  TCM is calling on all Great Commission Experience Alumni - and others - to participate in the GX 30x30 Challenge.
For this year the Great Commission Experience students chose Rando and Giorgi to be the sponsored TCM Disciple Makers.  Rando and Giorgi are both ministers for the gospel in their own countries and are continuing their ministry education with TCM (CLICK HERE to see their prayer requests and to learn about their ministries.)

 Will you join us for 30 days of prayer for these two disciple makers and give a $30 gift to the Great Commission Experience Endowment?  

We believe that God’s power working in their lives can deeply be affected and strengthened through prayer.  In addition, the money for the endowment will help fund the ministry education for more disciple makers like Rando and Giorgi that future GX students choose to sponsor.  So your gift will help make a bigger impact for future students EVERY YEAR!
If you are unable to give $30 at this time, we would still love for you to fill out the form on the right and join us in praying for Rando and Giorgi.  Your participation means a lot to us! 
Thank you so much!  We are so excited for the future of the Great Commission Experience Endowment and are very encouraged in the level of participation we have experienced.
            Tom Sears

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