Thanksgiving 2013

cow barn_black paper on roof Nov 25 cropped.jpg

It changes from day to day!  The Haus Edelweiss Cow Barn is taking on a totally new look as construction continues.  The exposed area visible in the photo will be completed as four small efficiency apartments.  The new third floor will house two additional efficiency apartments and a two-bedroom apartment.  The ground floor will remain very similar to its past configuration:  six sleeping rooms, a small kitchen, and a common gathering room. 

For more photos, join us on Facebook by clicking here.  Mihai Bojonca has a number of photographs in the 'Recent Posts by Others' section.

Blessings on your journey,

Debbie Poer,
Director of International Services

Praises and Prayers

Give thanks to God for every prayer that is said for TCM and for every volunteer who serves.

Give thanks to God for the volunteers who come to the Indy office and help with mailings.

Pray for financial resources to be available and used wisely.

Pray for the leadership of TCM to have God's vision of the future.


As we at TCM give thanks for the bounty God has provided, we express our thanks for each of you! 

May your time with family and friends be filled with laughter and blessings! 



Posted on December 4, 2013 .

November 1, 2013

After months of planning the stage was set – invitations had been sent, the meal planned, speakers invited, RSVPs received, and the room prepared. It was Friday evening, October 25th and TCM staff and volunteers awaited the arrival of those who would celebrate the 2013 OKTOBERFEST – A Great Commission Experience.

Over 300 people gathered at Jonathan Byrd’s Banquet Center in Greenwood, Indiana to enjoy a fun-filled evening of Austrian-style food and good fellowship. Along with many long-time friends of TCM, there were many people who were introduced to the ministry.  Throughout the course of the evening we were entertained with wonderful piano music and a live auction and challenged by those who spoke about TCM.

Via video Mark Moore, Teaching Pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona shared thoughts he had while recently teaching at Haus Edelweiss.

What I share with these students in this compact point of time and in this single place is going to spread throughout Eastern Europe. Many of these students are going to places where the gospel is forbidden to be preached and they are preaching Christ and planting churches. It is an incredible investment of not only my time, but of your resources.”

As we have been reviewing what took place at 2013 OKTOBERFEST we realize a great resource was created from the event. We want to make this resource available to you as another opportunity for you to partner with TCM (it’s being used in Oregon this weekend).

Here’s how it works. Invite a group of people who love TCM or whom you would like to introduce to the ministry to gather in your home, at the church building, or perhaps a local restaurant meeting room. If you have served as a short-term worker, there may be others who served with you who would join you and invite those in their circles of influence. Contact me with the date of your event (Thanksgivingfest, Winterfest, Meet TCM, etc) and I will work with you to plan it. You will be sent TCM information materials, including the slideshow and inspiring videos that we used at the 2013 OKTOBERFEST here in Indianapolis. All you have to do is provide the people, the place and the screen to present it – we will provide the program. Plug and play—it’s that simple! For a sneak peak watch Mark Moore at this link.

What an incredible way to invest your time to help enable Christian leaders in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and beyond to be better equipped for their ministries.

Blessings on your journey,

Debbie Poer,

Director of International Services

Contact me at or call me at 317-299-033 to talk about hosting a TCM event in your area.



Praises and Prayers

Praise God for the many good things that happened this year and lessons learned from the bad.

Praise God for every volunteer who came to Haus Edelweiss this year.

Pray for safety and stamina as final preparations are made for the winter months at Haus Edelweiss. 

Pray that the short-term workers will continue to share their stories with friends, family, and churches. 

Posted on November 20, 2013 .