August 2015

As I write to you today the Haus Edelweiss campus is quieter than it has been for the past few months. This week and next there are no students on campus as the summer semester has ended. It has been a great semester with over 300 people there to teach, learn, and serve. Even though the campus may be quieter than normal there is still much activity among the staff as they prepare for the final three sessions of the fall semester.                                                         

While the staff works at Haus Edelweiss there are many students working at home, preparing for their upcoming fall classes. Taking time from his studies and ministry a student from Central Asia sent us an update on his life and ministry. He shares:

I live and minister in an area of Central Asia where the people live lives of hopelessness. I serve here because I feel it very clearly, the Lord’s calling in my life to this ministry. To “go and make disciples”. I know I should not leave my country, but should stay, to try to impact it for God’s Kingdom, serve my people!

I serves as a pastor in a small church that I helped plant in the capital city of my home country. The church has grown and the members have matured so that they are now forming an elders’ team. The church planting team is also establishing a new church in a refugee area in a very small village in the mountains. In addition to church planting activities I work with a mission organization, helping to equip pastors, young leaders, and others to be better prepared for their own ministries.

Sometimes it is difficult for our team to see that we are having any impact in our church and country for God’s Kingdom. And then we realize how many people’s lives have changed, how they have responded Jesus calling them out of hopelessness. We realize how many children have heard the Gospel and responded. In our small church we see people growing and in that we find encouragement. More broadly we see change as local congregations within the country are working together rather than independent of one another.

TCM has provided the opportunity for me to grow spiritually and to increase my knowledge and skills. As a result of the classes I have taken I have a better understanding of church history and how it impacts the church today. I have learned how to more effectively study the Bible and as a result I am a better preacher and teacher.

Please pray for two aspects of my life – pray that in my ministry I will have discernment to know how and where God would use me most effectively and pray that in my family I will be a good husband and a good father.

Thank you for your partnership in equipping Christian leaders such as Gia. Whether it is through prayer, service, or financial gifts, each way you have given has made a difference. Gia expresses it well --“You can’t imagine how thankful I am to the Lord for TCM’s ministry, for the opportunity to study!!! I wish all pastors and leaders in my country would get a chance to study at TCM!”

Thank you!

Blessings on your journey,



May 2015

Forty Christian leaders from 13 countries in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East celebrated a milestone on Sunday, May 10th when they received their Certificates, Master of Arts in Practical Theology degree, or Master of Divinity in Practical Theology degree. Of those 40 there were 33 who were able to travel to Haus Edelweiss and be a part of the day of celebration.  Joining in the celebration were their families and friends, TCM Board members Fred Brasher, Fred Gossman, and Christian Witzmann, along with the short-term workers and several special guests. Trevor DeVage, Lead Pastor at Christ’s Church at Mason, Mason, Ohio and Drew Sherman, Senior Pastor at Compass Christian Church, Colleyville, Texas spoke to the graduates and guests about “Taking a Stand” (Romans 1:16, Matthew 28:19-20, and Acts 1:8). Following the worship and conferring of the diplomas guests were invited to share a traditional Austrian dinner catered by the Stift restaurant.

One of the graduation traditions is for several graduates to be chosen to speak on behalf of those receiving their diplomas. This year was no different. Seven graduates spoke of their experience as a TCM student, their education received, and how they have become better equipped to serve in ministry. Dorel, a graduate from Moldova shared with us,

It is an honor for me to stand here today and express my gratitude for the privilege given to me to study at TCM Institute. I want to thank brother Tony and the leadership of the Institute, the professors and the volunteers for making my learning experience great. Your commitment to Christ and His Word, your example of humility and servanthood, your knowledge and experience in ministry have had a profound impact on me and helped shape both my theology and practice of ministry. All classes were great and the things I learned were very helpful. I thank God for all of you who taught me and served me and I want to assure you that your labor was not in vain. Only eternity will show the far reaching effects of your time spent with me and the other students. Thank you and God bless you and the work of TCM Institute.


The “thank you” from Dorel and the other graduates who spoke extends to each one of you. Your partnership with TCM through your prayers, service, and financial gifts has provided the opportunity for each graduate to complete his course of study. For that we are very grateful because together we are Taking Christ to Millions by Training Christians for Ministry.

Blessings on your journey,


April 2015

May is always an exciting time for TCM as we prepare for the annual Graduation Celebration. This year there are 38 students from 13 countries who will receive their Certificate, Master of Arts in Practical Theology degree or Master of Divinity in Practical Theology degree.

One of those graduates, Barsegh, grew up during the days when the communist regime held power in his country. After the fall of the Soviet Union when one could more openly share the gospel, the good news about Christ’s salvation changed many lives and gave a new beginning to many. Out of great despair people were repenting and becoming light in the darkness.

Serving as a pastor, Barsegh teaches Bible courses, preaches, and serves as a mentor to others. He has a deep conviction that God has called him to introduce others to Christ and help them to discover His story and plan for their own lives. Within the church it is important to him to help other Christians stand firm in their faith.

When he reflects on his TCM studies,

Barsegh knows that he has learned many things about ministry, one being the value of serving as part of a team where many talents are joined together. He shares that he is very grateful that through his studies he has grown to a new level of spiritually maturity.  

Looking toward the future and sharing the gospel with his nation, Barsegh says, “We--Christians in my country--have our style of living, which influences the general culture. Many seeds are being planted, and God is going to pick the harvest, but still there is much to do.”

Throughout Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East there is much to be done. More than 1,000 TCM graduates and students are making a difference in God’s Kingdom as they serve in their ministries, but there is a great need for more workers. You are making a difference as you partner with TCM. You are helping prepare and equip disciples to meet that need—taking to the ends of the earth the good news of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ!

Blessings on your journey,



March 2015

Imagine you were born and raised in a country and in a religion that had never heard Jesus spoken of as Savior. Such was the early life experience of Dmitry, a TCM graduate born and raised in Kyrgyzstan.

What would draw you to hear about this man, Jesus? Initially, interest in what the missionaries had to say about him prompted Dmitry to attend their gatherings. Then God touched his heart.

In 1993 Dmitry chose to become a pastor while earning his living as a bookkeeper. But it wasn’t long until God called him into full-time ministry. Serving first as a Sunday school teacher and then as assistant preacher working with adolescents, he grew into serving as the preacher in the village church.

Through the years as his faith grew and as a result of his early interaction with the missionaries God revealed to him that he was to go to a foreign country to serve. His own heart had become one of a missionary. Today Dmitry is the pastor of a missionary church in Russia that is celebrating 15 years of ministry. Locally, their church provides men’s ministry, fellowship for the elderly, a Korean language class, Bible School, anda prayer ministry. Nationally, the leadership team can be found assisting church pastors in the region’s capital and as far away as 350 kilometers. Internationally, they are a mission-minded church, actively supporting and encouraging missions in India, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Dmitry tells us that his TCM education has had a great impact on his ministry, encouraging him to devote more time to deep study and research and has caused him to grow spiritually. It has changed the style of his sermons and the worship in his church.  Of his professors he said, “They taught many practical aspects of ministry. I saw their sacrifice and their commitment and I was encouraged.”

To each of you who have prayed, served, and financially supported TCM we are grateful. You have helped Dmitry and over 1,400 Christian leaders like him become better equipped to minister in the locations where God has sent them.

TCM Golf Outing

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2015 North American Christian Convention (NACC)

June 23 – 26 – The 2015 NACC:  WE SPEAK is being held earlier this year. Mark your calendars so that you don’t miss it! Plan to stop by TCM Booth 629 at the Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Again this year TCM will be a co-sponsor of the NACC LIVE STREAM. If you are unable to attend NACC join us from wherever you are in the world for the Main Sessions!

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January 2015

God is doing things that only He can do! We received an end of the year update from a TCM Master of Arts graduate in Moldova, who shared the following about his ministry….

“ Year 2014 was an Amazing Year for the Ministry in Moldova and Beyond.  Take a minute to see the general picture of what God did in this part of the world:

- This year we were able to purchase 3 Transition Homes and that is a miracle. It will host 40-45 kids and three families. We thank God for the first Boys home we were able to open, it's amazing.

- As never before, we were able to see over 5,000 kids accept Jesus and baptize a number of them. To see them follow Jesus and be part of the local church is our Joy.

- We are so honored to say that we were able to distribute 25,000 New Testaments in Turkey and see 9 people baptized. Just recently, a week ago, one Turkish man accepted Jesus on the street.

- In the area of training we were able to train and empower more church leaders as never before in the Central Asia (Former Soviet) countries, were Christians experience much persecution. With God's help we are able to train almost 4,000 leaders. This is awesome.

Year 2015 is on its way, God has amazing plans in store for us. We are keen and eager to see it.

We wish you abundantly Blessed and Prosperous New Year!
In Christ's Service!”
TCM Graduate from Moldova

Your prayers, service, and financial gifts help support the studies of this Christian leader as he continues to pursue his Master of Divinity in Practical Theology degree. He and many other Christian leaders like him ARE making a difference for God’s Kingdom as they serve in their regions and areas of ministry!

This month the academic year begins for TCM. Be praying for the following courses as they are underway in January:

Online classes:

  • Research Methods taught by Katharina Penner
  • Research Methods taught by Yulia Lubenets

Online portion of blended classes: 

  • Old Testament 1 taught by Fred Hansen
  • New Testament 2 taught by Fred Hansen
  • Intercultural Studies taught by Mihai Malancea
  • Research Methods taught by Katharina Penner
  • Hermeneutics taught by Peter Penner
  • Mission in the New Testament: Jesus and the Twelve taught by Peter Penner
  • Homiletics taught by Leonid Mikhovich
  • History of Christian Doctrine 1 taught by Sorin Badragan
  • Theology and Practice of Prayer taught by Myron Williams
  • Mission in the New Testament: Paul and the Early Church taught by Roger Kemp
  • Christian Counseling taught by Krzysztof Pawlusiow
  • Systematic Theology taught by Oti Bunaciu

In-Country classes:

  • Mission in the New Testament: Jesus and the Twelve taught by Peter Penner in Central Asia
  • Mission in the New Testament: Paul and the Early Church taught by Peter Penner in Central Asia

God is providing many opportunities for us to beTaking Christ to Millions by Training Christians for Ministry! Thank you for being a partner with TCM!