December 2014

Giving Opportunity

Kenneth E. and Mary Virginia Helm Endowment Fund

Established in 2006 in honor of Ken and Jinnie Helm, the Kenneth E. and Mary Virginia Helm Endowment Fund is committed to providing scholarship opportunities for outstanding TCM students based on their ministry focus and academic performance.

Recently, a generous donor couple has provided a $15,000 gift along with a challenge to other TCM donors and supporters.  They enthusiastically challenge others to join in the endeavor and by December 31, 2014, add an additional $15,000 to their $15,000, providing a total gift of $30,000 to the Helm Endowment Fund.  These gifts will provide an opportunity to make scholarships available to even more students through the Helm Endowment Fund.

Ken and Jinnie Helm served as long-term workers at Haus Edelweiss a part of each year for 20 years, setting an example of true servant leadership.  When interviewed recently Ken shared that Christian leadership education scholarships provided by the endowment fund will "cause the gospel of Christ to spread far beyond Austria, Eastern Europe and Central Asia to the ends of the earth."

Will you accept the challenge and help the $15,000 become $30,000?

If you would like to honor Ken and Jinnie and provide the means for even more Christian leadership training to take place CLICK HERE to give.  Be sure to designate your gift "Helm Endowment Fund".

Ministry in Ukraine

Serving in his home country of Ukraine, Zhenya is involved in many aspects of ministry.  In an autumn update he shared that he has recently been able to resume visiting prisons as the political situation in Ukraine has become steadier.  During one visit he spent time with some of the prisoners preaching, counseling, and praying.  Zhenya observed that many who listened had a desire to change.  In hearing the stories of their lives he understood how unique each man is and he was able to offer them comfort and emphasize God's control in their lives.

Early in the autumn he made a presentation to about 50 police officers in two police departments, sharing on moral character.  There was mixed response to his message, but even those who seemed uninterested gladly took the Christian material that he provided for them.  Being surprised by their response encourages him to pray more diligently for them!

Each month Zhenya and his wife, Natalia, and their three children travel 90 minutes from their home to minister in the town of Mospanovo.  There they meet with different families, as well as help a local widow prepare her home for Sunday worship services that they lead.  A part of their ministry to the families there is to pray for them, serve them, and share Christian principles of family life.

Zhenya asks that we continue to pray for his country.  While he and his family are doing well there are some regions of Ukraine where Christians experience persecution.  He requests that we "pray for them and against the spirit of darkness in the souls" of those who persecute them. 



Employment Opportunities to Serve at the Haus 

TCM is currently looking for two qualified candidates to fill full-time staff positions at our Haus Edelweiss campus.  Available positions include Assistant Coordinator of Facilities and Assistant Coordinator of Guest Services.  To view job descriptions click on the appropriate link below. 

Assistant Coordinator of Facilities Services

Assistant Coordinator of Guest Services

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November 2014


Thank you to all who stopped by the TCM booth at the International Conference on Mission (ICOM) in Columbus, Ohio last week! We enjoyed talking with each one of you and heard stories going back into TCM's history, times of service at Haus Edelweiss, and connections with the ministry of TCM.

I had the opportunity to hear part of the story about a young family who was one of the first families to reside at Haus Edelweiss shortly after TCM purchased the property. Their family of five lived in the Gate Haus at a time when they had to go to the Big Haus for bathroom facilities. Their service at Haus Edelweiss helped convert the street level of the Horse Barn into office space.

Tom reconnected with a professor at Johnson University. He learned that during his days at Johnson when the professor referred to his time of service in Europe and going behind the Iron Curtain, he had been talking about his time as an intern with TCM in the 1970s!

Eric talked with a young man who with his family will be returning to his home country of Hungary as a missionary. As they talked they discovered that they both had connections to some of the same TCM professors and graduates. The young missionary shared with Eric that he loves the TCM model and the way in which national Christian leaders are equipped to minister in their local churches, cultures, and countries.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend ICOM this year mark your calendar now for October 29 - November 1, 2015 in Richmond, Virginia where the theme for ICOM will be "THE AWAY TEAM -- Strategic Living in a Post-Christian World" and a focus on church planting. It should be a great event as ICOM works in partnership with the Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship and welcomes the Eastern Christian Conference. We would love to see you there!

Blessings on your journey,

Debbie Poer


Join the wroldwide movement on Tuesday, December 2nd to celebrate giving and to encourage more, better, and smarter giving during the Christmas season.

Your special gifts to TCM on , December 2nd will help provide scholarships for Christian leaders in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East to pursue their TCM studies.

Click here to Give.  Be sure to indicate "Giving Tuesday Scholarships" in the Notes section!

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Do you ever wonder how TCM courses impact the Christian leaders who take them? A Master of Arts student, who has completed 10 of his 16 courses, shares how three of those courses have influenced him and shaped his ability to make a difference for God’s Kingdom in his home country of Czech Republic.

“In my church I am responsible for the prayer time during Sunday worship and together with other friends I am part of a prayer team. Our team prays for our city, for our church, for the AWANA children’s club, and for the needs, spiritual protection and growth of our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Theology and Practice of Prayer course has helped with my personal spiritual formation. Through it I realized that it is important that I have a healthy devotional life. If I do not live in deep relation with God, if I do not have a living faith, I have nothing to communicate to other people. My ministry must be based on prayer.

Another of my ministries is occasional preaching at our daughter church in a nearby village. The Research Methods course taught me how to do a better exegesis of the Biblical text. The Homiletics course has helped me to better prepare and deliver my sermons. Together they have helped me better understand that the goal of a sermon is to change the lives of the audience and I must be well prepared to share God’s Word in order for that to happen.

Another of my ministries is the leadership of thirteen-year-old children in Sunday school. Because of what I learned in the Homiletics course I have tried to change my approach to the children. Until recently I concentrated only on the message and not on how it was communicated to others. The Homiletics course helped me understand, that my responsibility is not only sharing a true message, but also how it is understood by the listeners. I must capture the attention of my audience and do what is necessary to deliver the message into the lives of my listeners in the best way possible. I must understand the problems of children and react to them in my teaching.”

We are very grateful for your partnership with TCM! There are many ways in which you can be involved, helping to ensure that TCM students continue to receive the highest quality education that we can provide. Continue reading below to find two of the current ways to help make a difference in the lives of Christian leaders in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Blessings on your journey,
Debbie Poer
Director of International Services

Taking Christ to Millions . . . One Prayer at a Time

Join us in praying for the ministry of TCM and for the Christian leaders who are being equipped to better serve their churches, countries, and cultures for Christ. Subscribe to the TCM Prayer Channel today!

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August 2014


If you have visited or served at Haus Edelweiss or been with anyone associated with TCM for any length of time you have probably noticed how important prayer is to all that goes on within the ministry. I’m very excited to share that beginning in September the TCM Prayer Channel ( will be launched. The TCM Prayer Channel will be a way for you to become actively involved in prayer as a TCM ministry. Monthly we will share new topics for praise and thanksgiving and items to lift as petitions and needs. But you don’t have to wait until September to start learning about the TCM Prayer Channel. To view “The Beginning…”. and to subscribe to receive notices of TCM Prayer Channel updates click HERE.

…do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God
— Philippians 4:6

Thank you to all who have been praying with us about the Food Service Coordinator position at Haus Edelweiss. We are pleased that in early July Theo and Kristen Spilman joined the Haus staff. As Food Services Coordinator, Theo has already made a name for himself with his culinary skills! Serving in the Haus Edelweiss office, Kristen has quickly gotten to know many of the students, professors, and short-term workers because part of her responsibilities include arranging all of the travel between public transportation and campus.

There have been staff changes in the Indianapolis office as well. After serving with TCM since 2010 Debbie McLoed departed to pursue other interests. In early July Ardis Yoder joined the development team as an Administrative Assistant. Tom Sears also joined the development team in early July. One of his first projects as Global Outreach Associate has been to create the TCM Prayer Channel!


We are thankful for your prayers and for these new staff members as they begin serving with TCM!

Blessings on your journey,

Debbie Poer,
Director of International Services

News from a TCM Master of Divinity student from Moldova:

“Last week we had an awesome camp for 135 orphan teens. The people at the child protective services office continued to tell us that we had no chance of seeing change in these kids.

In the beginning we thought they might be right, because it was so difficult, as most of them are not used to following a program or guidelines and rules of a camp.  We were constantly crying to God for help, because we were so in need of His supernatural intervention. But we decided no matter what, we would continue to love them and accept them the way they were, even if other people said, “No Hope.”

Thursday, I stood up to preach the Gospel and when finished, made an altar call inviting these crazy teens to take a crazy step that could forever change their lives. I invited them to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. We were all shocked to see 130 teens come forward, crying to God for mercy and forgiveness.

Praise the Lord for every soul that experienced what happened the next day--a great day as we saw changes, and baptisms, and heard testimonies and personal stories of instant transformation, even miracles!”

Posted on August 12, 2014 .

June 2014

May 11, 2014 was a special day of celebration for 37 TCM students, their families and special guests. On that day eight students received their Certificates, 26 received their Master of Arts in Practical Theology degrees and two received their Master of Divinity in Practical Theology degrees. The event was celebrated with worship, including a special message by Dr. David Rice, Pastor at Ancient City Baptist Church, St. Augustine, Florida. After receiving their diplomas a few of the students were asked to share thoughts about their TCM education. 

“I grew spiritually and in my biblical knowledge and through others saw how to be a servant.”

”I wanted to grow spiritually; I learned more than I expected to learn.”

”At one time I was just a member of a church; today I am a pastor. All that has been invested in me is your work and your results.”

Did you know that including this year's graduates there are 503 Christian leaders from Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East who have received their degrees through TCM? Your prayers, service, and financial support have helped make that possible. Why is it important?

This past week we received a prayer request via e-mail from a student who lives and serves in the country of Georgia. Even as he is preparing for an upcoming TCM course he is in the midst of preparations for a major Christian event in his country. Here is his prayer request:

"Next week, June 6-8, the Festival of Hope will take place in Georgia (the country). Franklin Graham will be part of it. We have never had something of such extent in Georgia. We pray and expect some 30,000 people to visit the festival during the three days. Please pray for us. Many pastors, including myself, as well as many Christian brothers and sisters of almost all evangelical churches in Georgia have been praying and preparing for the festival for the past year."

It is important because your prayers, service, and financial support have helped prepare these 503 Christian leaders and continues to help equip the more than 900 students who are currently studying at TCM. Whether they are ministering to three or 30 people in their local congregation or 30,000 in a national event many people are hearing the Good News through TCM students and graduates. 

Blessings on your journey,

Debbie Poer,
Director of International Services

Praises and Prayers

Praise God for his enduring love and mercy.     

Pray for the Short-term workers serving at Haus Edelweiss during Session 3. 

Pray for students and professors as they complete new classes and courses this session.   

It won't be long until the NACC will be taking place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Plan to join us there!

TCM INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE - Booth 707 in the Exhibit Hall


European Evangelistic Society in cooperation with TCM International Institute
will be hosting the Walker Lecture Breakfast on Thursday, July 10, 2014 with guest speaker Ben Cachiaras Senior Minister, Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, Maryland.

For information and reservations contact Breanna Allen (

If you are unable to attend in person plan to be a part of the Main Sessions through NACC Live Stream sponsored in part by TCM!

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May 2014

Classes, worship, meals, services - many things were learned and observed during Session 2 that ended this week.

The students from Belarus led worship on Sunday morning and Joseph Kovacs preached from 2 Timothy 4:1-5, sharing a message entitled "Preach the Word."  He spoke about each of us being called to share the gospel and that means living so that others see it in our lives, not simply hear it in our words.

Worship continued throughout the session.  At the end of some of the meals, instead of one person offering a closing prayer, Greg led everyone in singing the Doxology.  At the end of one meal the students from Belarus closed the meal with a beautiful song of prayer.

The gentle spirit of servanthood was displayed by the students as well as the short-term workers and staff.  A staff member explained it this way, "There has been a special sweetness from students during this session, more intermingling at dinner and less cliquish stuff.  Also, we've seen the "experienced" students giving the new ones gentle guidance: load the dish tubs this way; you can help by doing this or that, etc."

A special thank you goes to the short-term workers who served and cared for the students and professors!  They also took extra care in their work, preparing for the graduation guests who will begin arriving on May 8th!

We are grateful to the many men and women who teach TCM classes throughout the year!  Session 2 was no exception with an outstanding group of men sharing their knowledge and wisdom!  Thank you to the following:

  • Myron Williams for teaching Principles of Christian Teaching
  • Roger Kemp for teaching Mission in the New Testament: Jesus and the Twelve
  • Jozef Kovacs for teaching Systematic Theology
  • Rick Justice for teaching Leadership and Management

Pray that the students' experience at Haus Edelweiss will provide new insights, knowledge, and wisdom and that they will be eager to share with others what they have learned.

Blessings on your journey,

Debbie Poer,
Director of International Services

Praises and Prayers

Praise God that TCM will celebrate its 20th Graduation on May 11.

Pray for our students, faculty, staff, and volunteers as they prepare for the graduation celebration.

Pray for the citizens of Ukraine.

Pray for safety as the short-term workers from Session 2 travel home.

Posted on July 23, 2014 .