We are reaching the world in a unique way by preparing nationals to serve their own people.


Compared to the typical missions model, national missionaries are able to reach their countries in a profound way.  They are outfitted with national networks, language and cross-cultural knowledge, and have a lifetime commitment to their countries.  They are leaders already sanctioned by their countries, churches and cultures.

These godly men and women are already serving in heroic ways, often in difficult circumstances with meager financial resources.  With eager hearts, they want to serve Christ more effectively.

We provide them the missing piece: Advance training to keep head, heart, hands, and feet moving in Kingdom directions with competence and effectiveness.

This training produces exponential results.  A Ukrainian business man builds a mega-church which fields missionaries and plants churches.  A Moldovan preacher starts a Bible College sending hundreds of young leaders into ministry.  An Estonian educator becomes an international leader in ethics and leadership training.  Leaders from limited-access countries lead Bible studies and churches in very difficult circumstances. 



  • We are one of the largest graduate seminaries serving Europe and Central Asia
  • We serve a geographic area over twice the size of the United States
  • The typical student and graduate speaks several languages, functions competently in his or her own culture, needs no outside financial support, and will serve a lifetime in their region.
  • Of TCM's 800+ students, most live and serve in countries where the average income is less than $500 per month
  • Because the typical TCM student is bi-vocational, he or she has a variety of contacts, skills, and relationships that move forward their churches and ministries in amazing ways. 


Ministry Areas of Students and Graduates 

Church Planters
Medical Doctors
Mission Organization Staff and Leadership
Social Workers
Women's Ministers
Worship Ministers
Youth Ministers