January 1, 2014


The greatest EVER transfer of wealth.


Our Heavenly Father owned everything He created from all eternity.  Then Jesus radically stated: "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me: (Matthew 28:18 NIV).

But Why would God give everything away?


Satan claims that now he deserves to own our world because we serve him rather than our God and Father.

So, to keep our family name sacred, God does the unthinkable.  He gives everything away to Jesus.

Therefore Satan no longer has a case that God cannot own everything.  Because He doesn't!  The Father has given it all to the Son.  Something that evil would never even consider.  His family honor is preserved completely from even the most flimsy accusations of wrongdoing!!


And someday soon there will be a wedding feast in which the Son restores all creation into the loving hands of our Father.  With our family complete in every way.

Because His family means more to Him than everything.